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Suvinisara, the resonance of classics

RCG ’91 organizes a classical music show at Navaranghala on January 18 Enriched were an audience of 800 people on Saturday January 18 when three musical masterminds of the Sinhala Classical Music Industry namely Dr. Victor Ratnayake, Visharada Sunil Edirisinghe and Visharada Neela Wickramasinghe came together on one stage. ....

Royal Challenge 2014

Taking on leadership training for the third consecutive year, the ‘Royal Challenge 2014’ commenced on January 20 with the participation of over 70 post O/L students. Funded at a cost of Rs. 150,000/= by the Board of Management of Career Guidance, Counseling and Skills Development Centre Committee of the Royal College Union (RCU), this workshop is being supported and coordinated by the members of RCG 2008.....
College Song


School of our fathers

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Thy spirit first to life awoke
In eighteen hundred and thirty five
Beneath the sway of Marsh and Boake
Thenceforth did lanka's learning thrive


School where our fathers learnt the way before us
Learnt of books and learnt of men, through we will do the same
True to our watchword "Disce Aut Discade"
We will learn of of books and men, and learn to play the game

Within thy shade our fathers trod
The path that leads to man's estate;
They have repaid the debt they owed;
They kept thy fame inviolate.


And we their loyal sons now bear
The torch, with hearts as sound as oak;
Our lusty throats now raise a cheer
For Hartely, Harward, Marsh and Boak



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 RCU Dance 2014

Once again, upholding the grand old traditions of Royal alumni, the Royal College Union Dance took place with its usual splendor. Organized by the Royal College Union Dance Committee, the gala dance was held on October 11 at the Hilton Colombo with over 500 past Royalists and their partners gathered to enjoy an evening of fine music, dining, dancing, entertainment and nostalgia.. ....
 Royal wins the Inaugural Royal Thomian Squash Encounter !

OThe Inaugural Royal – Thomian Squash encounter was held on the 31st of January 2014 at the S. S. C. Indoor Squash Courts. A Royal Victory set the tone for all Royal – Thomian Encounters to be held in the coming months. A dominating performance by the Royalists, ensured the 1st Royal – Thomian Squash Encounter was won by a score of 4-1... ....
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